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Be My Guest: Finding a Saint Like You (with Meg Hunter-Kilmer)

July 8th, 2021

Meg Hunter-Kilmer joins Fr. Josh to answer questions about the diverse lives of the saints from all over the world, saints who struggled with anxiety, and how the intercession of the saints works.

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is a cradle Catholic and a revert, brought back to the fold by a grace-filled confession and the supreme logic of Catholic doctrine. She has a Bachelor’s in Theology from Notre Dame and a Master’s in Systematic Theology, also from ND. After 5 years as a full time religion teacher, she quit her job and packed everything into the trunk of her car to drive around the country and fly around the world as a hobo missionary.

Snippet From the Show

The Catholic Church and her canon of saints is full of saints from all different cultures, ethnicities, disabilities, family circumstances, and struggles because nobody is disqualified from becoming a saint.

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