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Eucharistic Adoration, Mary’s Perpetual Virginity, Single Moms, and Children Questioning the Catholic Faith

January 29th, 2019

Fr. Josh answers questions about what to do in Eucharistic Adoration, why Mary and Joseph did not consummate their marriage, if single moms can practice the Catholic Faith, and how to help children who are questioning the Catholic Faith.

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Snippet from the Show

“God calls man first. Man may forget his Creator or hide far from his face; he may run after idols or accuse the deity of having abandoned him; yet the living and true God tirelessly calls each person to that mysterious encounter known as prayer.” (CCC 2567)

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Glory Story (2:01)
Mary's Perpetual Virginity (12:33)
Eucharistic Adoration (20:11)
Children Questioning the Catholic Faith (28:04)
Single Moms (32:15)
Universal Points (34:30)

Broken and Blessed book by Fr. Josh Johnson
TGA Bible
CCC 2567
Siena Institute - Called and Gifted
Catholic Daughters
Knights of Columbus
Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary: Unveiling the Mother of the Messiah book by Brant Pitre

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