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Holy Week, Aliens, and Righteous Anger

April 16th, 2019

Today Fr. Josh answers questions about when anger can be considered righteous, how to enter into Holy Week, and speculating about whether or not aliens could have souls.

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Snippet from the Show
Jesus Christ gave one hundred percent to the apostles, even when they were fickle, even when they were sketchy, even when they didn’t come through. He always came through.


Glory Story (1:53)
The struggle to be holy is so real. Fr. Josh shares how Lent has been difficult for him this year and the beautiful reflection that came about in the midst of it all.

Listener Feedback (8:06)

Righteous Anger (10:39)
Hi Fr. Josh my name is Paul. I love how you always admit that you are not perfect and can always improve yourself. My question is about how do you discern whether your anger is righteous or not? A little backstory...I feel like I have been unjustly judged and while I'm not acting out on my feelings I'm wondering if what I'm feeling could be righteous?

Holy Week (17:36)
Hi Fr. Josh, Renee here, BIG fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would you suggest I prepare for Holy Week? And how should I be acting from Holy Thursday till Easter? Do I need to be doing anything differently than from the rest of Lent? Thank you so much Fr. Josh you are such a beautiful soul! -Renee

Aliens (28:34)
Do aliens exist and if they do, would they have souls?

Universal Points (35:05)
(Please note that these are a brief summary of the answers Fr. Josh provides in the podcast and are intended to help you remember the advice given on the show.)

Righteous Anger - Discern by the fruits.
Holy Week - Follow up with Fr. Mike’s video on praying through Holy Week.
Aliens - There are some topics we can only speculate on because we just don’t know.

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