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All About Alcohol: Drunkenness, Underage Drinking, and Whisky for Teething Babies

June 25th, 2019

Fr. Josh answers questions all about drinking alcohol including: Do I need to go to confession after drinking? Is it OK to drink underage? What if I get drunk without intending to? Is that old wives tale of rubbing whiskey on a teething baby’s gums safe?

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Snippet from the Show
“Scripture gives witness to the fact that drinking can be a good thing, but getting drunk is not a good thing.”


Glory Story (1:35)
Fr. Josh flew up to Ascension for a filming of a new product! Stay tuned for more information! He was also able to visit with FOCUS and attended a Steubenville South Youth Conference where fifteen years ago Fr. Josh had his conversion.

Listener Feedback (5:44)

Drunkenness (8:08)
What is the actual Catholic definition of being drunk? How do I know when I have passed the point of drinking too much? When would I need to go to Confession after drinking?

Underage Drinking (16:34)
Whats up Fr. Josh!? I've been so blessed by your podcasts. Please know I've been praying for you. I have a question about underage drinking...I'm 19 and my older brother is 25. He lets me drink when I'm hanging out at his place with all his friends. But I know it’s still against the law. I'm not purposefully getting drunk...I mean we mostly sit and talk about life, our relationships, and sometimes even theology and how to become better men. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it OK for me to keep drinking with them?
-Gregory C

Accidentally Getting Drunk (23:10)
So I'm a mom of three and I never have the chance to go out with my girlfriends. Last weekend my two best friends and I were able to go out on a Friday night (thanks to our amazing husbands) and got a few drinks. Well........I must be from the stone ages (or maybe I just forgot to eat after feeding my kids ), but after my first drink I ordered what I thought would be a lighter mixed drink (just enough to keep loosening up you know?) but I ended up ordering something really strong and got drunk. My friends drove me home and my husband was really understanding, but I feel really guilty. Is that a mortal sin? Or because I didn't mean for that to happen could it be more of a venial sin?

Whisky for Teething Children (29:46)
Can I rub whisky on my toddler's gums to help him with teething? I'm running out of ideas, HELP!!


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