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Dropping Hosts, Not Kneeling at Mass, and the Devil in Our Thoughts

September 24th, 2019

Fr. Josh answers questions about what to do when a consecrated Host is dropped during Communion, if the devil and demons can read our thoughts when we’re tempted, and what to do about a congregation that doesn’t kneel during Mass.

Snippet from the Show
“Fight the devil the same way Jesus fought the devil. Whenever you recognize some temptation, quote Scripture out loud, and say ‘Get behind me Satan’. The word of God will fight for us.”


Glory Story (2:20)

Listener Feedback (4:58)

Dropping Hosts (6:51)
Last Sunday, during Communion, as I was peeking at the consecrated host from my hand I dropped it, and it fell to the floor by my feet. I gasped, and immediately grabbed it up and put it in my mouth. I was beyond mortified. I know part of it was embarrassment of those who may have seen me but I couldn't believe I’d been so careless with our Lord. Why wouldn’t I be more attentive during those few minutes I’m receiving Holy Communion. I prayed deeply about this and I heard him chuckle and say “Really, it’s okay.” I just can’t get that sight out of my mind: seeing him, Jesus, on the floor. I pray this never ever happens to me again, but if it does, what is the appropriate thing to do? Is there something more I should do now after making this awful blunder, is this a sin I need to confess?
–A Clumsy Lover of Christ

Devil in Our Thoughts (11:09)
Dear Father Josh,
My friend and I enjoy your podcast so very much. It is my favorite to listen to during commutes or travel, and some of the things you say are so profound to me I either have to stop the podcast and keep repeating it in my head, rewind and replay it over and over, and I usually write it down so I can meditate on the words even more. Your book is also amazing and I can’t wait for the new book to be released. You’re a blessing, keep up the awesome work. Here’s our question: does the devil have access to our minds? Does he know our thoughts as God knows our thoughts and our innermost being. We were thinking that the devil does not know our thoughts and the way that we can protect ourselves from his temptation and masterful lies was to never verbalize our thoughts and feelings, to never think out loud if you will. To keep thoughts inside so as to not allow the enemy to know our secrets. If he can’t access our thoughts then he can’t tempt us and control our minds, or use our thoughts and feelings against us. How exactly does the devil tempt us and can he get into our head?
–Two Friends from Texas

Not Kneeling at Mass (24:03)
Hi Father Josh,
Recently I moved away for college and started attending Mass at one of the local Catholic churches. I was a bit surprised when none of the congregation kneeled down during the Eucharistic prayers. In fact, the pews did not even have kneelers. I’ve since started attending a different Catholic church nearby. This was the first Catholic church I’d ever seen that doesn’t kneel, and it made me curious about the reason. Should I avoid going to this particular church because of this?


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