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Non Catholics Receiving Communion, Essential Oils, and St. Paul on Salvation

October 22nd, 2019

Fr. Josh answers questions about non-Catholics receiving Communion in the Catholic Church, whether using essential oils is spiritually dangerous, and what St. Paul teaches about salvation and grace.

Snippet from the Show
“If a person receives Holy Communion and says ‘Amen’ without believing in the True Presence, they act dishonestly.”


Glory Story (2:13)

Listener Feedback (5:37)

Holy Communion to Non-Catholics (7:45)

Hi Fr Josh,
Thank you for the gift that is your podcast and for all of the wisdom, guidance, and advice you offer to us, your brothers and sisters.

I am recently engaged to the love of my life. I am a devout Catholic and he is a devout non-Catholic Christian. We have come a long way in our relationship with understanding each other‘s faith and beliefs and are excited to venture into the sacrament of marriage. One thing that we continue to struggle with and have conversation about is taking Communion at Mass. He feels rejected by the Church knowing that he cannot take Communion and it breaks my heart to see how it affects him. I understand that we believe the bread is the Body and wine the Blood and must protect the sacred Eucharist but if Jesus says “come to me all who are hungry, and you will be fed”, I don’t understand why someone of such great faith as my fiancé cannot receive Communion at Mass. There is a Catholic Church in Bend, Oregon, recognized by the archdiocese as a Catholic Church, that offers Communion to any Christian person. I have not had the opportunity to attend Mass there but this is the first church I’ve heard of doing this. Curious on your thoughts on this as well. Looking for any guidance and advice on understanding the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist for myself and my fiancé.
Thank you so much for your desire and dedication to bringing people closer to the Lord. You are a gift!

  • Jordan

Essential Oils (18:05)

Hey Father Josh, loving the podcasts. I listen to them to help me focus before my theology homework. Anyways, I have a follow up question. A few episodes ago you mentioned that essential oils may lead to the devil or evil. Can you elaborate on that?
Thanks! Praying for you!

  • Emma

St. Paul and the Book of Galatians (23:13)

Hey Father Josh,
Thank you so much for constantly reading and answering my emails on your podcast. Your explanation of St. Peter as the first pope helped me a ton and affirmed what I already believed to be true in my heart. Another question, could you help me process the book of Galatians? In Galatians, Paul talks about how the law does not justify you but it is through faith that a person has life. Reading this entire book my head goes straight to the Protestant view on salvation and how they can use the book of Galatians to justify their beliefs that faith alone leads to salvation. I just need help understanding what Paul’s saying and what that means for us Catholics, help a girl out! Also shoutout to my homegirl Olivia K. for being the best Catholic friend I could ever ask for, could you say a special prayer for her?

  • Kennedy

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