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All About Lent: What's Best for Your Soul This Year?

February 25th, 2020

Fr. Josh answers the question, “What’s the point of Lent?" He then asks a set of questions to help you determine which Lenten practices will be best for your soul this year. 

Snippet from the Show 

When we enter into the Lenten season, we enter into spiritual warfare. Expect Satan to discourage you, but don’t talk to the snake … go directly to Jesus. 

Glory Story (3:10) 

What’s the Point of Lent? (5:40)

Figuring Out What Your Soul Needs This Lent

  • Add more silence to your day: give God some extra time to speak to your heart, teaching you to become more like him (we become like those we hangout with).
  • Choose your fast wisely: make sure you’re picking a fast that will really challenge you and that you’ll feel all of Lent.
  • Stop hitting the snooze button: replace those extra few minutes of sleep with a few minutes of prayer each morning.
  • Get off social media: we can waste a lot of time on social media that could be spent with God or our brothers and sisters. Kick that habit during Lent.
  • Make sure you have accountability: find a close friend you can be vulnerable with and hold each other accountable this Lent.
  • Replace a good for a greater good: whatever you’re fasting from, find a prayer or spiritual practice to replace it with during Lent.


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