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Traditional Latin Mass, Witchcraft, and Mystic Visions

July 2nd, 2019

Fr. Josh answers questions about why some Catholics seem to think traditional Latin Mass is better than the Norvus Ordo, whether witchcraft is demonic or fake, and why only some saints have mystic visions.

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Snippet from the Show
“Just because a priest celebrates one of the liturgies sloppily doesn’t mean that liturgy is bad [traditional Latin Mass or Norvus Ordo]. It means that priest needs to be reformed.”


Glory Story (2:08)
Fr. Josh recalls the very first Catholic book he ever read outside of the Bible: The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary Agreda. Read it. It will rock your world!!

Listener Feedback (5:59)

Witchcraft (8:29)
Hello Father Josh, Could you please explain what the Church teaches on witchcraft and tarot cards and all that creepy stuff. I know it’s something we as Catholics shouldn’t be part of in general. However, I want to understand the Church’s reasoning behind this. Do we believe witchcraft is not real and it’s all fake? Or do we believe it’s the devil working in this world and that’s why we stay away? Do we believe tarot cards really reveal the future or do we believe it’s all fake or do we believe it’s real but it’s evil? Lol it gets pretty confusing. I mean I know we are not supposed to be superstitious... whatever that means... but being from Africa, I’ve seen some really crazy things happen in this life, that can low-key only be explained through witchcraft (which a lot of people still practice). Anyway, I just want to know what to think about all this and I trust the Church to guide me. Thank you Father Josh! I’ll be praying for you! And pray for me too!

Mystic Visions (17:04)
Father, I’m reading the meditations of Christ and each day there is a new meditation about a saint. I’m reading all these saints and their experiences with miraculous appearances of Jesus or Mary or another holy figure and they instantly feel that change of heart and have immense faith. My question is, if we are all called to be saints how come some people have those miraculous visions and others don’t? Because you do need a miracle to become a saint, right? So it seems like Gods’ choosing specific people?

Traditional Latin Mass (22:15)
Hi Fr. Josh, My parish priest has always made his opinion known on the Latin Mass following, like they are cultish, think they are better than people who follow the New Order Mass, etc. At first I wasn't sure what to think, but after some personal experience I'm a bit worried. It seems like Latin Mass followers go around saying that they are basically better than us: they refuse Communion if it’s not administered by the priests, say that the Novus Ordo celebrations of the Mass aren't valid, and even say that women should only wear dresses and are meant to stay at home to raise children. I get the feeling that they "groom" or "brainwash" people into following this extreme and fanatical form of Catholicism.

What are your thoughts on this extreme Catholicism following? A google search leads to Novus Ordo Watch, Ad Orientum Masses--how the New Order Mass isn't really worship and isn't really Catholicism, etc., and I am so confused. There is so much division in our world--and now I come across this? I love being Catholic, but just feel that this is so wrong. We are all Catholics in the same universal Church, aren't we? Fr. Josh I'm sorry this isn't very articulate, but what are your thoughts? Thank you so much for your time!!

Universal Call to Holiness (29:40)

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