Ask Father Josh (Your Catholic Question and Answer Podcast)

Fr. Josh helps you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy, “fill-in-the blank” answer.

About the show

Ask Fr. Josh is the podcast where I hear you out and do my best to help you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give you an easy “fill-in-the blank” answer. On this show, we’ll listen to one another, problem solve together, and ultimately entrust everything to our Lord. If this is your first time tuning in, here’s how the show goes: Each episode, I'll address three to four of your questions. I’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relationship advice. I'm not perfect, and I can’t guarantee that my advice is going to make things easy, but I'll do my best to share what I've learned during my time as a priest, pastor, and friend.

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    Pope Francis, Priests Playing Favorites, and Celibacy

    June 12th, 2018  |  35 mins 14 secs

    Fr. Josh answers questions about Pope Francis and the media, priests playing favorites with parishioners, and dealing with celibacy as a priest. If you have a question, comment, or a response for Fr. Josh, email us at [email protected]. You may hear your question or comment in an upcoming podcast episode!

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    The Eucharist, Relationship Standards, and Smoking Weed

    June 6th, 2018  |  34 mins 52 secs

    Fr. Josh talks about the Eucharist, relationship standards when it comes to faith, and the morality of smoking weed.

    Glory Story (5:50)

    Smoking Weed (10:30)

    I know a lot of Catholic friends who are fine with smoking pot. They say that they can do it in moderation just like drinking alcohol. If it were to become legal, would it be ok to smoke occasionally? If not, how is it different than drinking alcohol?


    The Eucharist (18:18)

    Why must we believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist?


    Relationship Standards (26:07)

    In searching for a partner, how important is intellectual compatibility and spiritual compatibility in the long run? Is it sufficient if the other person is just mildly Catholic or is it important for him to match my spiritual level? I am new to the dating scene and I prefer someone who is serious about his faith, who is willing to grow and learn with me, who can discuss theology. But all my friends say if the guy is a good person with a good job and good family background, it's enough to proceed with the relationship. No need to be picky about the spiritual level? What do you think?


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    The Rosary, Working on Sundays, and NFP

    June 6th, 2018  |  31 mins 29 secs

    Fr. Josh talks about the Rosary, Working on Sundays, and NFP.

    Glory Story (1:48)

    The Rosary (5:57)

    Would you please give some pointers on how to explain why the Rosary is not repetitious prayer? I have friends who tell me it is wrong to recite the Rosary at all, let alone even daily. I just never know how to answer them. Thank you!


    Working on Sundays (12:47)

    I occasionally have to work on Sundays. It bothers me a bit because our faith is very clear about worship on Sunday. I do my best to attend Mass but sometimes I get there when it is almost over and it's the best that I can do. I am afraid if I bring this up to my boss he will replace me with someone else who will work on Sundays and I’ll lose out on hours and pay that I need to support my family. What do I do?


    NFP (19:53)

    My mother in law doesn't believe the Church’s teaching on contraception and she frequently makes passive aggressive jokes about how we are just going to end up with tons of kids because we are using natural family planning. When we announced we were pregnant with our first, her very first comment to my husband was “I told you so.” I am so upset about this but I don’t want to confront it because I don’t want to jeopardize our relationship so early on in the marriage. What do I do?


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    Game of Thrones, Fallen-Away Catholics, and Discernment

    June 6th, 2018  |  34 mins 8 secs

    Fr. Josh talks about Game of Thrones, fallen-away Catholics, and discernment.

    Glory Story (3:01)

    Game of Thrones (7:36)

    Fr. Josh, is it immoral to watch Game of Thrones? I have several Catholic friends who watch this show and claim that despite the explicit sex, nudity, innuendos, and violence, their spiritual life is not impacted. Most of them don’t even fast forward through the scenes. They claim the storyline is completely worth it. While I don’t argue with the exciting plot, I think watching this, especially as a Catholic is immoral. It is basically pornography, and it promotes the objectification of people. In short, the end doesn't justify the means. Am I being too picky, or as Catholics should we be more careful about the TV shows and movies we watch?


    Fallen-Away Catholics (16:32)

    What would be your advice on how to reach my 21 year old son who has left the Catholic faith?


    Discernment (23:17)

    How did your family handle you becoming a priest? What about if you were an only child and your parents were hoping for grandchildren? Couldn’t it seem selfish for you to ignore what they want to pursue what you want? How would you deal with disappointing them?


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    "Ask Fr. Josh" Launching Next Week!

    May 30th, 2018  |  57 secs

    In Ascension's newest podcast, Fr. Josh helps you navigate the tricky times in life where our Catholic faith doesn't give us an easy, "fill in the blank" answer.